Glasses Prescription
• Depending on your age and visual needs, our doctors will determine what kind of lens power is required to help you see optimally.

• We are able to write prescriptions for certain occupations that make computer vision and fine detail work much easier.

• Our doctors inform the patients of the different options available as far as material, lens designs, and lens options so that our patients feel confident with their glasses.

Ocular Health Exam
We check the front structures of the eye and can determine any abnormality that may exist in the:
• Cornea
• Conjunctiva
• Eyelids
• Iris
• Anterior Chamber
• Lens

Using our microscope, we are able to see small subtleties in these structures that can help explain visual symptoms.

Dilated Retinal Evaluation
• We determine if the the retina and optic nerve are healthy for your age and if any changes are contributing to visual symptoms.

• Using state of the art technology and our expertise, we evaluate key structures that play an important role in clear vision.

• In many ways, the health of the eyes provides a picture of the health of the body. If diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other disease are present, we can at times detect its presence or progression by looking inside the eye.

Optomap Digital Photo
• Provides the patient and doctor with a 200 degree front-on-view of the retina.

• Allows the doctor to photo-document and compare any changes that may occur over time.

• Helps coordinate doctor to doctor communication.

• Can be emailed to the patient for their records

• Convenient for patients who are too busy to dilate their eyes on the day of the exam.

Optovue Retina and Optic Nerve Scan
• Provides a cross sectional view of the retina.

• Allows your doctor to monitor progression of diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and many other conditions.

• Helps coordinate doctor to doctor patient management.

• Allows your doctor to diagnose and manage your conditions with the utmost confidence.

• Can be emailed to patients for their records

• Allows the doctor to document and track changes over time, even in healthy patients.