Contact Lens Exam

• The contact lens prescription is based on:
• The adjusted glasses prescription
• The curve of the cornea
• The overall health of the ocular surface
• Lifestyle demands such as work environment, recreational activities, etc.
• Age of the patient
• Medical history
• Financial considerations

We have one of the most high tech contact lens offices in San Antonio utilizing:
• Spectral microscope – this device scans the cornea searching for any abnormalities that may exist in the tissue.

• Corneal topography – this device scans the front surface of the cornea and provides us with information on astigmatism and other irregularities that may complicate normal contact lens wear.

• Anterior Segment Microscope – we evaluate the fit of the lens on the eye with a high powered microscope to ensure that the physiology of the lens on the eye is optimum.

New to contact lenses?

• Our friendly staff has successfully trained thousands of new contact lens patients with insertion and removal of their lenses.

• Our contact lens exam comes with a complimentary grace period of follow up examinations to ensure optimal fit and vision for the patient.

• We provide our patients with helpful information on how to care for their lenses properly.

• If you recently had an eye exam in the past 3 months, we will perform the contact lens fit without the added professional fees of a full comprehensive exam.

• We have a generous return policy, carry lenses in stock to sell same day, and have very experienced eye doctors. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Every contact lens exam comes with a 90 day grace period to ensure your satisfaction.

“We have contact lenses for just about anyone or any visual need!”

Color Contacts
• Different brands with an assortment of different colors.
• Our fashion forward staff can help you decide on the best colors.
• Available in monthly.

• Drastically reduce your contact lens solution purchases.
• Receive rebates on top of your vision plan benefits.
• Perfect for patients with allergies, dry eyes, history of minor infections in monthly contact lenses, or those who don’t wish to hassle with cleaning their lenses every day.
• Available in torics

• For those with astigmatism
• We can special order high astigmatism lenses.
• We have a large array of different brands in our office to maximize your comfort.
• Available in monthly or daily

Bifocal contacts
• Eliminate the need to wear bifocal glasses or progressive glasses.
• Look younger
• Many different brands to trial to maximize your vision and comfort
• Available in monthly and now daily.

Gas permeable lenses
• Achieve optimum vision
• The most breathable lenses.
• Can be medically used to alleviate dry eyes.
• Can be custom ordered to best correct for astigmatism, irregular corneas, & diseased corneas
• Available in bifocal as well.

Speciality Contact Lens fitting
• Medically necessary contact lenses for patients with:
• Keratoconus
• Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
• Dry Eyes
• Irregular Astigmatism
• Patients seeking the best optics
• Gas permeable lenses
• Multifocal contacts for all ranges of vision